Like the sun going down, the city is superb, without heath and full of melancholy.

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I have no reason why. But here’s a picture of Eminem and Elton John holding hands.

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Mrs. Kennedy has always been a hero of mine. In the line of First Lady’s she out shines most. Her diligent care of her children, her attitude of adoring and preserving history, all the while not very political. She became influential not only to us, but to future first lady’s, and Presidents as well. She had seen the brightest days of Camelot, and our Nation and the darkest days of our history as a nation. But through it all there has always been that lonely bright star shinning to persevere, and that is Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy. She seemed ahead of her time, and to some she was. But to me, she will always be the First Lady who defined what it meant to truly be a first lady, a mother, wife and grandmother, and to all of us, a true American. Edward Moore Kennedy said it best in his Eulogy to Mrs. Kennedy “She was too young to be a widow in 1963, and too young to die now.” I wish she was here to see the amazing love and happiness she brings to all our hearts. Happy 85th Birthday Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. 

I’m glad this is who I’m named after.


Hick, (2011)

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